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The intent of this introduction is to:

  • explain how the knowledge base is working

Our knowledge base is split in two types of articles. How-to articles are meant to educate on the specifics of OSLC and the usage of the products. Those can exist as simple articles, but some are developed in our Learning Journeys. Troubleshooting articles, on another hand, are there to help you resolve specific problems based off an observed symptom.

  • instruct how to search for articles

The simplest way is to use the search box up above!

  • detail how to create support requests

To make it easier for users to create detailed support requests, we have created a short simple guide that you should take a look at, just in case. Help us help you: on creating good Support Requests, reporting even better on Bugs, and suggesting awesome New Features.

Learning Journeys

Frequently asked questions

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