OSLC Connect for Confluence leverages OSLC to enable you to create or add links to remote artifacts to display and preview them from your Confluence page. But displaying remote data inside Confluence pages requires some configuration inside IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management.

Why Whitelist?

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) comes with a few security mechanisms. Some of those mechanisms limit the ability of OSLC applications to embed IBM ELM’s data. This security mechanism is lifted when your application is listed in the Friends section of IBM ELM.

The specificity of OSLC Connect for Confluence is that the friending is only done unidirectionally, from Confluence to any remote OSLC application. So OSLC Connect for Confluence will not be declared in IBM ELM.

As a consequence, OSLC Connect for Confluence needs to be whitelisted in IBM ELM.

How to Whitelist OSLC Connect for Confluence in IBM ELM

In order to whitelist OSLC Connect for Confluence in IBM ELM, go to each of your IBM ELM applications that you want to create links to once inside your Confluence pages.

In the Server Administration of these IBM ELM applications:

  1. Go to the Communications > Whitelist section,

  2. Enter the Base URL of the Server you want to whitelist,

  3. Then click Add.

The whitelisting (outbound) screen to manage whitelisted servers in an IBM ELM application

URL Whitelisting in IBM ELM application’s server administration

You will then get a confirmation and your URL will be listed:

Congratulations, you have whitelisted OSLC Connect for Confluence in IBM ELM!