Checking the application friending

The fastest way to check the application friending is by looking at the Friend State on the Friends administration page in Confluence.

Setting up a Space Association

To go further, we can set up a project association to confirm the Application Friending.

You can confirm it by following this procedure:

  1. Choose an existing Space or create a sample one for this test.

  2. Go to Space tools, then OSLC Connect and Space Associations.

  3. Click Add Association.

  4. Select the Friend you recently added, then the Domain of the resources you wish to link to in your Confluence pages.

    • Note: A popup may open, asking you to log in to the remote application.

  5. Confirm that you see the list of remote artifact containers.

If this check fails, you may want to review the Troubleshooting friending issues in OSLC Connect for Jira and OSLC Connect for Confluence article.