Setting up a Project Association

Contrary to Jira, there’s no way to confirm a friending at a glance in Polarion. But we can attempt setting up a Project Association to make sure the application friending is complete.

  1. Open an existing project or create a sample project for this test.

  2. Open the Project Administration in the left menu.

  3. On the left menu, select Linked Data > Linked Data Associations.

  4. Click the + Add Association button at the bottom right of the page, below the Associations list.

  5. Select the Friend you recently added and for which you want to test the application friending.

  6. A popup may open, asking you to log in to the remote application.

  7. The Artifact Container list should now contain a list of artifact containers available on the remote application.

If you managed to follow every step of this procedure without seeing any errors, it means that the friending between Polarion and the remote OSLC application is correctly set up.

If you encounter errors following the project association procedure, you’ll want to follow this troubleshooting guide before you go further: Troubleshooting friending issues in Polarion.