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Problem: a user can't read your reports in Report Builder or shouldn't be able to read them.


Check the permissions of Jira Data Sources

LQE provides a permission model on who can access the data contents included in a report. This is used to ensure that your accessibility model is being followed. This should be reviewed so that both your security policy and expectations are being addressed. If the permissions are too strict, users will not be able to report on the Jira data.

To review, navigate to the permissions in LQE.

In the permissions, these are organized by the process project groupings.

These permissions are set hierarchically, and you can control these by specific groups or individuals. For example, the following is a default (and very permissive) setting using the Everyone group.

You have the flexibility to set this how you wish, but it can cause restrictions in the user access to data.

Once these steps are completed, LQE will have OSLC Connect data and can be accessible by the reporting tools.

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