In OSLC, Friends are the repositories we want to target with links. The creation of a Friend provides the method of securing the connection between repositories. This requires adding a Friend in Confluence and then approving this Friend in Polarion.

We recommend reviewing the instructions prior to executing.

Initiating a new Friend Request

To initiate a new Friend Request, you must be a Confluence Administrator.

  1. Navigate to the CONFLUENCE ADMINISTRATION > General Configuration page.

  2. On the left panel, click on the Friends option in the OSLC Connect section.

  3. Click on the Register a Friend button at the top of the right panel. You will see this dialog:

The modal to register a new friend

For more information on each field of this form, check out our detailed product documentation.

Once all fields have been filled out accordingly you can click on Register. You will be suggested to grant access to the newly generated key.

In this hands-on article, we consider users not to be Administrators of all tools, so we will not use this feature. You may click Ok.

Repeat this process for each Friend connection you wish to establish.

Some checks before moving on…

You should see your new Friend entry in the list of friends with the status: Rejecting Key

In order to get the status of the Friend changed to OK, the Request needs to get approved on the Remote OSLC Application.