Welcome to the OSLC Connect for Confluence Documentation space!

If you have just started a trial or are looking for more information about OSLC Connect for Confluence, this is the right place for you.

In this Documentation space, we will guide you through the configuration of OSLC Connect for Confluence with Siemens Polarion ALM.

New to OSLC?

Before starting with OSLC integrations it may be helpful to understand this valuable integration standard. OSLC provides a link based standard leveraging Web protocols to embedded (but not copy) remote artifacts. Users will find a deep integration that embeds selection dialogs and rich previews. IT organizations will find it enforces authentication and permission models of the user to ensure your enterprise remains secure.

To learn more you may find the following of interest:

  1. Understanding OSLC Architecture: what you need to know about deploying an OSLC Architecture

  2. Enabling Lifecycle Collaboration with OSLC: an introduction to OSLC

  3. Planning your Deployment: our guide to help you plan your Configuration.

Once done, or if you just know that already, you can move on to the preparation of your environment with our following guides:

  1. Installing OSLC Connect for Confluence and Activating the License

  2. Configuring Polarion as a Friend in Confluence

After you have gone through the steps above, your next step will be to set up the associations between your projects and your Confluence spaces… and actually do some linking.