Applies to

  • OSLC Connect for Jira 2.7+

  • OSLC Connect for Confluence 1.1+


The OSLC Connect application cannot validate the OAuth consumer key with the remote OSLC application.

With the corresponding error when trying to create a project association:


This error occurs when there’s a timing skew between the two OSLC applications. This skew will prevent the OAuth dance from completing successfully between the applications.

Both Jira and ELM use the system clock to determine the date and time. ELM can be configured with an NTP server to check the system time and report time skews, but it will still use the system time.


To fix this issue, you have to change the time on either server to match the time on the other server. Note that they can still use different timezones.

After updating the system time, the friend status should update after a refresh.


On Linux, open the console as root and execute the following command (replace [hh:mm:ss] by the exact current time without brackets).

timedatectl set-time [hh:mm:ss]


On Windows, go to the Date & time settings (Start  > Settings  > Time & language > Date & time).

You can either enable the Set time automatically option or disable it and change the date and time manually.

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