As explained in Migrating to OSLC Connect for Jira 3.x, OSLC Connect for Jira moves from a proprietary licensing to the licensing promoted by Atlassian through their Marketplace.

If you are the registered contact at SodiusWillert, you should have been notified. Still, we understand that an upgrade can happen without knowledge of this major update.

There a very simple remediations if you have installed OSLC Connect for Jira 3.x without already having the updated license.

Short term fix if you need the feature: rollback to 2.8.2

If you need to restore the feature but don’t have the license yet, you are advised to rollback to 2.8.2. That version can be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace.

In order to do that, you will:

At that point, your application will be fully restored and full featured. You won’t need to restore the old license

Longer term fix: setup the 3.0.0 license

When you are ready to migrate to OSLC Connect 3.0.0, you can look at Migrating to OSLC Connect for Jira 3.x.