Creating Links in Polarion ALM

Follow these steps to create a new link in Polarion ALM:

  1. Open an existing Work Item in Polarion,

  2. Scroll down until you find the Linked Work Items section,

  3. Click the Edit button (pencil icon) on the right,

  4. Click the green icon on the new line.

    • If you do not see the green icon, try making your browser page larger and reload your page.

    • If you still do not see it, your OSLC links may be misconfigured. Review this article to fix this issue: Polarion OSLC Services for your Configuration.

Using the Linked Data Dialog

Once you have clicked on the green icon, the Link External Item (Linked Data) Dialog will pop up.

You will be asked to select the Location of your remote project and choose the type of Link that you wish to create (ie. you can create links to an Existing Item or a New Item from a remote repository).

Linking to an Existing Item

If you want to link to an Existing Item, from the Link External Item (Linked Data) Dialog:

  1. Use the Select an Existing Item... option and chose an artifact type to link,

  2. Select an existing resource,

  3. Confirm the resource selection.

Polarion limitation

OSLC Connect applications allow you to select multiple artifacts but Polarion will only accept a single artifact at once. You will be required to follow this procedure for each artifact you need to link.

Creating a New Item and linking to it

If you want to create a New Item and link to it from Polarion ALM:

  1. Use the Create New Item... option and chose an artifact type to create,

  2. Follow the procedure to create a remote resource.

Save your changes

Remember that you need to save the new state of your Polarion Work Item by clicking Save at the top of the page.

Video example

The bellow video demonstrates the linking to an existing Jira issue in Siemens Polarion:

Example of creating a link to OSLC Connect for Jira using Siemens Polarion