There are various ways to do linking using the OSLC Connect for Jira application. This is notably detailed in the related product documentation. Below is a hands-on of how you can use these features.

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Creating Links to remote resources in Jira

To create or add a new link to a remote resource (ie. from IBM ELM or Siemens Polarion ALM), follow these steps:

  1. In Jira, open an existing Jira Issue.

  2. Under the issue title, select More and click Link.

  3. In the Link menu, select Collaboration Link.

From this step, you can either create a link to an existing resource or create a new item and link to it.

When using OSLC Connect for Jira with Jira, there are two different ways you can create links to existing resources:

  1. Creating links using the Selection Dialog,

  2. Creating links using Drag and Drop or by copy-pasting the remote resource’s URL.

Creating links using the Selection Dialog

From the Selection Dialog:

  1. Choose your target container

  2. Select the Link to existing radio button,

  3. Choose the Artifact type from the dropdown list,

  4. Click Select Artifact.

A new window will appear using the Selection Dialog of the remote tool (ie. IBM ELM or Siemens Polarion).

Select one or more artifacts from the remote repository using its Selection Dialog.

Creating links using Drag and Drop or by copy-pasting the remote resource’s URL

Using drag and drop is similar to using copying and pasting the remote resource’s URL. It is also highly dependent on the remote OSLC tool that you are working with.

To avoid any duplication, you should review the related product documentation below.

Related documentation:

Creating a new item and linking to it

If you want to create a new item and link to it in Jira, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Create new radio button,

  2. Choose the Artifact type,

  3. Click Add Link.

You can then fill out the form from the remote application to create an artifact there.

When you submit the Creation Dialog, the artifact is automatically created in the remote container (IBM ELM, Polarion ALM) and linked to the active artifact in our local repository (Confluence).

Video example

The bellow video demonstrates linking to an existing IBM ELM artifact in Jira using OSLC Connect for Jira: