Setting up a Space Association in Confluence

To add Space Associations, a user must be a Space Administrator.

  1. Go to Space tools, then OSLC Connect and Space Associations

  2. Click Add Association

  3. Select the Friend Application, then the Domain of the resources you wish to link to in your Confluence pages.
    The Friend Application is using the Repository name you created when creating Friends.
    Domains are the capabilities a repository is providing according to the OSLC Standard.

    Note, you will be prompted to log in to Polarion before you are able to select projects if you don’t have a session currently active: make sure pop-ups are not blocked.

  4. Choose an Artifact Container from the list of remote containers that you want to provide connections for the Space.

  5. Click the Add Association button.

  6. Once done, you should see the following confirmation, and your new Association should be listed in the Space Associations table.

    The configuration displayed when creating a space association

  7. Repeat for additional Domains and Artifact Containers you want to support for your Confluence Space.

You will now be able to create links for the projects you added associations to.

If you are experiencing issues creating your space association, you may want to review the Troubleshooting friending issues in OSLC Connect for Jira and OSLC Connect for Confluence article.