For several years now, our customers have asked us to support Atlassian Marketplace licensing. We are happy to announce that starting today, OSLC Connect for Jira will be available directly from the Atlassian Marketplace.

For our new customers, this is a transparent change. For our existing customers, we will make this as smooth as possible. Keep reading to learn more about some frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us through the Customer Support portal.

When do I have to migrate my license?

You can migrate your license on your own timeline. Your existing licenses will continue to work on the 2.x version of OSLC Connect for Jira.

However, if you decide to update to 3.x+ releases of the app, you will need to migrate your license to the Atlassian Marketplace first.

How do I get Atlassian Marketplace licensing for 3.x versions?

Atlassian makes it possible for App Vendors (aka. SodiusWillert) to migrate existing license keys into the Atlassian Marketplace.

Please contact us to migrate your current license to the Atlassian Marketplace and upgrade to the 3.0.0 version.

What happens to developer licenses?

Once you have migrated to Atlassian licensing, their normal development licensing rules apply. For you, this means more freedom for development licenses. As you add more Atlassian development servers, you have the flexibility to add your OSLC Connect for Jira plugin for that environment at no incremental cost.

Marketplace app customers can get developer licenses for apps just as they can for hosting Atlassian products. Developer licenses are intended for staging or development environments only. Customers who have purchased Marketplace apps can get developer licenses by clicking the View Developer License link from their license page on

The technical contact for the license can generate a developer key by following these steps:

  1. Log in to

  2. Click OSLC Connect for Jira - your account management screen will appear.

  3. In the Actions section click View Developer License.

    1. Review the Developer License agreement and click View. A license key will be presented. Copy and paste this key into your development server.

Read more here.

I have already updated to 3.0.0, but I haven’t migrated to the Atlassian Marketplace yet.

Please read our detailed article presenting you with the steps to take if you have already updated your license to 3.0.0 but haven’t migrated to the Atlassian Marketplace yet.

Will my OSLC Connect for Jira pricing change?

Pricing does not change at the time of the migration. However, changes in pricing will only occur at the time of license renewal.

OSLC Connect for Jira pricing on the Atlassian Marketplace will be a tiered model based on your number of Atlassian users. Most user will see a small price change (up or down) that reflect the business value to their team. You may also inquire about updated pricing with your SodiusWillert representative.

View OSLC Connect for Jira pricing here. (add link)

Will I purchase from SodiusWillert at renewal time?

No, renewals will be processed through the Atlassian Marketplace. This should make your processing easier and more consistent with your other Atlassian plugins.

Do I need to migrate data?

No, you do not. This migration only affects your licensing. Once you have received your migrated license keys from Atlassian, please follow our license upgrade guide here [insert link].

Will my Support change?

It will get better. We have been working on a brand new Product Documentation platform to make it easier for you to get started with our OSLC Connect plugins. On this Documentation platform, easily find more information on how to Get Started, you will see “getting started” guides, tips on how to best utilize our products, and more details on managing OSLC deployments in the enterprise.

Additionally, our online Customer Support Portal and Support Engineers will be available to answer your questions and keep your teams successful.

Why is this a benefit to my team?

Simplicity. Once migrated, your OSLC Connect for Jira licenses will be managed, invoiced, administered with all your other existing Atlassian Marketplace plugins. It should simplify your efforts to stay up to date and less time managing.